Q-MOL L.L.C. provides research and development services in the field of in silico structure based rational drug desing and discovery. Our own proprietary software, designed for real life applications, allows quick and reliable delivery of services such as (but not limited to):

  • Ligand cross-reactivity prediction (enzyme profiling) against known structural genome
  • Drug repositioning
  • Receptor identification, given its ligand is known (reverse docking)
  • Hit-to-lead optimization in the presence or abscence of a receptor
  • De novo ligand discovery (virtual ligand screening)
  • Strategic consulting to tackle challenging problems
  • Computational chemistry and biology outsourcing service

We are also interested in collaborative projects with academic and for-profit organizations. Our virtual ligand screening capabilities deliver fast and reliable cost effective alternative to expensive wet chemistry high throughput screening (HTS).

Just consider spending over $500,000 and waiting for a year to get a list of promiscous compounds. We will deliver you quality hits (provided structure of your target is known) within a month, followed by hit-to-lead optimization if requested.

At Q-MOL L.L.C. we believe we have solved the problem of protein-ligand docking. Realizing that this might sound ridiculous, we invite you, a customer, to give us a try. The results will be yours to keep.


Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland